What is love

As a child, we dreamed of the moment (girls, of course) when we would be brides. These are absolutely wonderful moments that are certainly exceptional for every woman. I`m not saying that every woman clings to a wedding, but most women just have it, even though most of us may not even admit it. The magic of the moment is when we can see joy, happiness, love and all the beautiful that awaits us. It`s a really wonderful feeling. And I have a feeling that nothing can be replaced. The moment when you two say your coveted yes together must be breathtaking, you know how it feels.


I myself (once I get married) want to have a wonderful wedding that will be so beautiful that I will shed tears from how beautiful my feelings are. But it should be noted that the perfect wedding is not about „perfection“, it is about who you marry. And if you marry the right and right person to grow old and start a family, it`s a really big win in life. Some say we don`t eat out of love. That is true, but love is really important in life. I would even dare say that it is the meaning of life. We`re here for a reason. To do something in this world. And also to have love. The love we need so much.


Some of us may not admit it, but each of us needs love. So even though we are „tough“ on the outside, in the corner of our souls we still long for love, tenderness and understanding. These are values ​​that are very important in life. And when you have them, you win. It`s a lifetime win, you may realize it over time, but it`s true. Therefore, value what you have and if you have the opportunity to spend the rest of your life with a person who is close to you and understands you, take this chance. Because this is your chance. And enjoy a bachelor bachelorette party that will be amazing. I believe it for hundred procent. Enjoy!